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Computer forensics

  • securing and analysing of IT traces
  • analysis of IT data carriers
  • analysis of data related to the activity of the computer users
  • verification of software legality
  • data recovery
  • recovering, securing and analysing data from the memory of mobile devices, including the blocked ones.
  • analysis of specific e-mail headers
  • analysis of internet logs of e -mail, bank and social network accounts
  • analysis of phone records
  • protection and analysis of data from the memory of Apple devices
  • post-intrusion analysis of the computer system
  • malware analysis
Computer forensics

Criminal cases

  • searching for missing persons
  • parental child abduction
  • intrusions
  • thefts
  • blackmails
  • harassing
Criminal cases

Business cases

  • verification of business entities
  • unfair competition
  • employee verification
  • asset determination
Business cases

Parental child abduction

Don’t wait. Report the incident to the police immediately and call us. Our investigators will help you at the legal stage, but above all in operational activities aimed at determining the location of your child. We will also provide you with psychological care. The media repeatedly show the suffering of children and their relatives. It should be emphasized that courts in Poland act in such situations on a long-term basis.

Why does Biuro Operacji Detektywistycznych Krzysztof Olszewski deal with such cases?
There is only one reason. The Polish authorities refuse to help, because such a kidnapping is not a crime in our country. These kidnappings are assessed as a conflict between children’s parents. The child is with its parent, hence it should be safe. Unfortunately, the examples of cases handled by our Detective Agency are quite different.

Detectives of the Biuro Operacji Detektywistycznych do not judge and do not decide which parent is right. We only have one purpose –  help to bring the relationship between parents and their child back to the previous legal arrangements. (e.g.: court decisions)

What is parental child abduction?
Parental child abduction is a situation where one parent, without the consent and knowledge of the other parent under various excuses, takes the child away or keeps it on a permanent basis and does not allow the other parent with parental authority to contact the child, thereby neglecting their right to do so.

The reasons of parental child abduction:
- There are many. From revenge to unwillingness to reach the agreement.
- The issue of asset distribution or escape from domestic violence

How can the Biuro Operacji detektywistycznych help you? Call 666 6065 600 open 24/7 if you need to report a missing child:

  • a team of investigators will come to see you
  • we will carry out detective operations
  • with your permission, we will place the image of the child on the social media sites
  • we will provide you a psychological support
  • you will receive prompt legal assistance
Parental child abduction

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