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Surveillance of people

Observation of people is not an easy task. When monitoring your husband, your wife or your partner, we are committed and patient. Detectives from the Biuro Operacji Detektywistycznych are calm and act from a distance, using proven operational technique. The purpose of professional surveillance is to see, yet not to be noticed.

Each of our activities is supported by the so-called reconnaissance. After performing the activities, the client receives a written report together with photo and video evidence. Call us and present your problem.

Surveillance of people

Detection of eavesdropping, cameras or GPS devices

Sometimes there are situations when we all ask ourselves if someone is eavesdropping on us. It is difficult to be one hundred percent sure that this wasn’t/is not happening/is not going to happen. We could be eavesdropped on many occasions. We could be eavesdropped on many occasions. Starting with simple devices like recorders or mobile phones to advanced technologies.

Our detectives will help you if there is a threat of eavesdropping on you as these activities are performed by a detective with experience and knowledge, using professional detective equipment. If eavesdropping devices are found in your home or office, an appropriate report will be developed.

The Detective Agency which offers the service of detecting eavesdropping should have a technical background in the form of professional equipment and an employee who has knowledge in the field of technology electronics. The market offers numerous low-cost devices for detecting eavesdropping. We leave the opinions about their quality to their users. Biuro Operacji Detektywistycznych uses modern technology equipment, which guarantees a good performance of anti-eavesdropping measures. Each time before checking if there are no eavesdropping devices in the room, we inspect your premises. Each eavesdropping test is completed with a special written report, which includes the scope of the tests.

Detection of eavesdropping, cameras or GPS devices

Data recovery from phones and hard drives

  • Detection of spyware applications,
  • recovering deleted text messages or data from other drives. A modern device that we use offers highly effective decoding and recovery of data from phones and other devices.
  • First you deliver your device. Then our IT specialist investigator checks if he can recover the deleted data from the device. Next, we will inform you what and how much we can recover from your device. You make the decision – then we proceed. It will take us about 5 hours from the moment you deliver you phone, to recover the data in express mode. However, the service of recovering data from hard drives or other data carriers is provided on a first come first served basis.
Data recovery from phones and hard drives

Determination of financial position

  • Verification of the business entity in the National Debt Register and on other debt exchanges
  • Determination of properties and their number in the Land and Mortgage Register (KW).
  • Determination of the sold properties.
  • Identification of the offspring, parents, siblings.
  • Determination of the permanent residence or stay address.
  • Determination of personal relations of companies.
  • Report from Credit Information Bureau (BIK).
  • Report from Economic Information Bureau (BIG).
  • Determination of the current telephone number or owner of the telephone number
  • Economic report of a company

Searching for missing persons

The people we care about go out for a walk, to see some friends and don’t come back. They might have decided to start a new life. It’s not for us to judge. These people have their reasons. Their loved ones have not noticed anything that could indicate such actions. The circumstances of their disappearance may vary. The media often inform the public about the missing children and older people. The time it takes to report such an incident to the police or the detective’s agency is of great importance. Especially since there are many cases of criminal disappearances. Biuro Operacji Detektywistycznych cooperates with the police while undertaking the search for a missing person. We put extraordinary emphasis on this cooperation.

Reporting a missing person to our agency does not always involve payment for operations. We really care about helping you. Biuro Operacji Detektywistycznych Krzysztof Olszewski also deals with finding cars as well as other stolen property. Sometimes a small detail can be helpful in solving the mystery of disappearing money from your house or a car from the car park.

Searching for missing persons

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