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Soldier's love

An issue you don’t want to talk about because you're embarrassed? Yes. It’s a scam using the method of the so-called fake American soldier, sailor or widower who inherited money from his deceased wife. Cases that my agency has been handling and sometimes still does can be difficult, however, we often manage to prevent their further development.

Soldier's love

By getting to know all the details, we prevent further scamming of money from our clients. In some cases, as in the case of a lady from Germany, we managed to provoke the arrival of four Nigerian citizens to Wrocław, as they thought they were coming to get our client and her money. We always inform the police about the operation in such matters. Another example is the case from a few months ago, where a woman met a man at Facebook. It started with nice phrases, talks, and getting to know each other. It ended with a soldier wanting to leave the army and escape to Poland to marry the women. He pretended to send her valuable documents proving that he inherited money from his dead wife.

He claimed that the package is valuable and our client paid PLN 40.000 for it. The soldier told her he was in Afghanistan and couldn’t make the payment. He provided strange reasons, such as:. The woman was persuaded and made a transfer to the above mentioned amount.  Then it turned out that the shipment did not reach her for various technical reasons.

The soldier explained that the shipment was stuck in customs because of some underpayment. The soldier sent our client some documents confirming the shipment and then asked for a surcharge. In the meantime he was trying to make her fall in love with him by talking about his daughter, whom he is now raising by himself, saying that she is ill and he cannot leave the unit. After some time, our client believed his lies again and made another transfer of money. We should remember that in such cases, it is rather impossible to get the money back.

That is why we remind and warn you not to make friends through Facebook or other social media sites. Perhaps in the next edition we will present you with footage of one of the situations that occurred. It will be a conversation with the lady who was scammed like this.

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“Very professional company. Mr. Krzysztof is very helpful and matter-of-fact man. There were no contact problems, even in very late hours. I recommend the reliability of the company.”

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“Mr. Krzysztof is a professional. Discreetly and quite quickly handled the problem, I am very pleased with his work.

Iwona from Legnica”

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Thank you for your cooperation, Krzysztof.
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